About Readata Enterprises

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Readata Enterprises is a reputable and reliable company that provides quality office supplies for over two decades. Tracing its humble beginnings in 1998, that falls on the same day on the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Carlos P. Garcia put his whole heart and hands on starting the company. With faith and commitment, he tirelessly worked and managed the over-all daily operations until he successfully ingrained a mark in the industry.

Readata is literally derived from the words read and data, which essentially captures the holistic mission and branding of the company. Offices are conduit of data and information, and Readata perfectly understands the importance of ensuring that office supplies are handy and complete. We provide computer printers, bundy clock, cash registers, electric typewriter, calculators, and other essential office supplies.

Being born during the booming age of computers, we also offer a wide-range of products for printers. From inkjet cartridges to laser toners, Readata has become a one-stop shop for printer-related products and services. We also extend a hand for refilling of printer inks and replacement of toner cartridges. Customers can choose from a variety of notable ink and printer manufacturers like Brother, Canon, Hewlett and Packard (HP), Canon, Epson, IBM, Lexmark, and Samsung. 

Readata also caters to re-spooling services for Nylon Printer Ribbons and Multi Strike Electronic Typewriter Ribbons.

Maryville Building image by Marymart Center

📸 Image taken from Marymart Center

Through the years, Readata has been a trustworthy office supplier in Iloilo but as we welcome a new decade, we also aspire to innovate and adapt to the fast changing business landscape. This year, we will move to the online platform, with the aim of expanding our products and services. Moving onward to greater heights and being deeply rooted on the arts, we will now venture on offering variety of art materials. Readata also supports local artists who are looking for affordable and complete set of art tools to finish their masterpieces. With this goal in mind, we will begin to accommodate their increasing needs for arts supplies.

Readata Enterprises has crossed paths with many office workers and employees and our business experience has enabled the company to thrive for many years. Carrying the same passion and vision from the day that we started, Readata wholeheartedly seeks to continuously make an impact on the next generation. Keeping our sight locked on the future and holding on to our fruitful years in the business, Readata Enterprises is beefing up and soaring to broader and bigger opportunities in the next decade.

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